Stories Comes Alive (Programme ID: AEP0120610)

“Stories Come Alive” will enact a segment from Asian legends such as Ramayana through dance storytelling. Using text coupled with elements of Bharathanatyam and creative movements, the dance-storyteller will facilitate the workshop to enable students to experience the characters and scenes in the story through moving bodies supported by text. Students will be working in pairs, small groups and sometimes independently to co-create the movements of characters like the golden deer and Sita the heroine in the Ramayana epic together with the facilitator. As a team by the end of the workshop, the students will be walking through the scene development with the facilitator and gain an experience of dance storytelling with props, music and words with moving bodies.


1. Audiences will gain knowledge of Asian epic, Ramayana.

2. Audiences will also be provided with an opportunity to understand how this epic came about and at times, became a part of the people’s culture and traditions.

3. Sharing stories through dance theatre to better understand the Asian epic.

4. Witness Asian contemporary movements originating from traditional dances from Asia.


Target Audience: Pri – Lower / Pri – Upper / Sec – Lower

Language: English

No. of sessions; 01

Duration: 90 mins

Class size: 20(mins) 30 (max)

No.of.Presenters/Performers 01

– COST –

Total cost of program: S$1000

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