(NEW) Push-Start! To Being Well* – Identifying emotions (Programme ID: AEP0120611)

Integrating specific drama and movement methods as well as mindfulness practices, participants go on a personal reflective journey to identify, recognise and acknowledge emotions felt at different stages of their lives. Participants will explore strategies to manage these feelings and emotions for overall mental and emotional well being. The programme will start with open-ended discussions on the chosen narrative. Using a range of drama strategies, students will chart the emotional journey of the characters in the narrative. Students will be given an opportunity to explore and identify physical responses to various emotions (such as breath patterns, posture, speed, and use of space) and then watch a few examples of emotions-in-movement demonstrated by the dance-educators. At the end of this segment, students will re-create a series of movements in their own small groups. * Push-Start! To Being Well is part of our “Being Well” series. “Being Well’ is our new series of programmes that use creative approaches to acknowledge and address the complex emotional needs of teenagers. Using movement arts as our basis, our range of programmes create spaces that allow students to explore and express their thoughts, emotions and feelings on matters related to the mental well-being of themselves and others.

Primary Art Form: Dance

Sub Genre: Contemporary, Creative Movement, Physical Theatre, Devising/Improvisation

Secondary Art Form: Theatre

Language: English

Student Profile: Secondary Lower, Secondary Upper, JC/CI, ITE

Recommended Class Size: Min 20  Max 30

Duration: 1 session (90 mins)

Programme Type: Performance

Programme Format: On-site

No of instructors/performers: 2

Cost: $1000 per session

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