Shake It, Shake It, Move It (Programme ID: AEP0120616)


Shape It, Shake It, Move It is a joyful, immersive dance exposure programme with interactive elements. The programme will introduce the children to different bodily shapes associated with movement and music. Children will learn how pictures and characters they see can be used to create dance. They will be excited by this form of physical expression and visual-kinaesthetic communication! Children will meet special characters in a dance, and witness dance performances to understand how dancers use their bodies to create images and engage with the space. The children will be guided through activities to encourage their own creativity. Through the interaction, they will be brought to move and shake along with the dancers and their peers!

Performances include:

• Dancers dressed like rag dolls in scraps of paper, will present a fun, quirky performance. Dancers will become like paper, cats, horses, silly monsters, and straight lines.

A flowing, lyrical dance journey with enhancement of movement through suitable costumes and props, showing how images of water and wind can be personified by a dancer. Children will be entranced by the magic of this transformation.

• Shapes Shake, Shapes Dance. Children will experience creative movement activities guided by the dancers, matching shapes to musical beats (eg. draw circles with their hips, make stars with their bodies, make bridges with their friends, roll their bodies into small clouds to float in space)

• Follow Along and Dance. A simple and fun dance to high energy music, for children to sing and move together

Shape It, Shake It, Move It is a playful, magical, entertaining and immersive show for young children, as well as a joyful hands-on experience for everyone


1. Children will observe and describe dance through understanding shapes that a body can create – including lines, directions and creatures created by dancers.

2. Understand the dance through suitable props and costumes, bringing the shapes to life

3. Discover that the shapes their bodies create is a basic component of dance

4. Learn to create their own shapes, shake and move to different music – and dance!

5. Realise that creating movement is fun and a great way to express themselves, and that dancing is joyful


Venue: Classroom

Target Audience: Pre – School

Language: English

Class Size; 15 (min) 20 (max)

Duration: 60 mins


DVD player / PA system / CD Player


No. of presenters/ performers: 2

– COST –

Total cost of programme: $600.00

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