Sang Nila has Arrived! (06-31 Dec 2021)

Journey with Sang Nila Utama and his friends as they go in search for adventures in faraway lands, discovering new places and animals!

Sang Nila has arrived! brings to live the legend of a young prince from Indonesia who sailed the seas in search of adventure. And on one of his journeys, he discovered a beautiful island inhabited by a strange majestic-looking beast (Singa-Lion), deemed a good omen, and decided to call the new island, Singapura (Singapore).

Sang Nila has arrived! trailer

This dance storytelling production provides audiences an opportunity to celebrate the passing of traditions, stories, values and customs from one generation to the next while at the same time foster cohesive familial relationships and weaving a stronger and closer-knit community within our multi-cultural fabric. It also  provides an opportunity for younger audiences to better understand the history of Singapore from its early years through play, theatre, dance-music and storytelling. 

“If we don’t invest now in building character into children we will surely invest more tomorrow in trying to repair adults.” – Michael Josephson.

In our marathon journey of building an inclusive society today, we should start to invest in the future of our society. Sang Nila Utama showcases how normal individuals are able to work side-by-side diversely abled counterparts who have been given an opportunity that most people could only dream about: being able to co-create a theatre performance, perform, move and dance freely. It provides confidence to the diversely abled community that they too can have a purpose, a career and a way to succeed. 

Sang Nila has arrived! features the collaboration between diversely-abled dancers from Diverse Abilities Dance Collective (DADC) together with an ensemble of children performers, independent theatre artists and musicians. 

Children (and adults) will not only learn about the story of Sang Nila Utama and the talents/abilities of the diversely abled community, but you will also get a chance to move and dance while experiencing beautiful music. Join us today – it’s guaranteed fun!

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