(NEW) Sang Nila has arrived! (Programme ID: AEP0120618)

Journey with Sang Nila Utama and his friends as they go in search for adventures in faraway lands, discovering new places and animals! Sang Nila has arrived! Brings to live the legend of a young prince from Indonesia who sailed the seas in search of adventure. And on one of his journeys, he discovered a beautiful island inhabited by a strange majestic-looking beast (Singa-Lion), deemed a good omen, and decided to call the new island, Singapura (Singapore). Thereafter the performance, we can follow up with a mass workshop on the characters of the performance.

Primary Art Form: Dance

Sub Genre: Traditional Indian

Secondary Art Form:

Language: English

Student Profile: Primary Lower, Primary Middle

Recommended Class Size: Min 30  Max 35

Duration: 1 session (60 mins)

Programme Type: Workshops

Programme Format: Blended (mix of on-site and digital)

No of instructors/performers: 2

Cost: $750 per session

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