Mighty Mousedeer

In October 2020, Apsara Asia presented DADC’s Might Mousedeer of the Forest.

Presented by DADC and narrated through a blend of dance, theatre and storytelling, Mighty Mousedeer of the Forest, brings stories of yesteryears to life in this modern rendition of a legendary Malay folklore where dancers engage one another in an enchanting display of movement and storytelling stringed together by a canorous musical score.

Mighty Mousederr of the Forest was presented as a digital online productionon 2nd October 2020.

Supported by:

National Arts Council     Maya Dance Theatre Ltd  

 Millennia motion Pictures    Gateway Theatre

About DADC

Inspired by Maya Dance Theatre’s commitment to promote social awareness through the arts, Diverse Abilities Dance Collective (DADC) was establised in 2018 as a part of Maya Dance Theatre, to foster co-existence between persons with and without disability.

In 2019, the collective presented its debut production, Speaking with Hands, and also performed internationally in 2020 at the Saarang ‘20 World Fest in Chennai, India.

Class Activities

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