Discover the Beauty of Indian Dance – Deepavali (Programme ID: AEP0120607)

Audience will gain an insight into the world of Indian traditional dance through a Bharatha Natyam, Indian folk dance/s and Indian contemporary dance performances. The evolution of a traditional form with contemporary dimensions as Neo Bharatham will also be shared in the showcase. The enchanting dance performance will be specially accompanied by an introduction to the essential components of Bharatha Natyam, to assist students to better understand the different leg positions (Mandala), many intricate rhythmic leg patterns that are associated with the 5 beat cycles of Bharathanatyam, graceful body movements coupled with hand gestures (Mudras) and facial expressions (abhinaya) that are essential to BharathaNatyam as it tells a story through dance. The exposure aims to encourage students to nurture appreciation for the ancient, traditional, yet captivating art form called, Bharatha Natyam with a better understanding of the form and recognizing the difference between the traditional classical dance Bharathanatyam, enjoy both the south and north Indian folk dance beats with live percussionist and finally see its evolution of the traditional form into a contemporary Indian dance – Neo Bharatham


  1. To raise the level of awareness of culture, tradition and lifestyle of Indians;
  2. . To create a sense of appreciation for culture & arts;
  3. To understand the festivities of our friends


Target Audience: Pri – Lower / Pri – Upper / Sec – Lower / Sec – Upper / JC/CI / ITE

Language: English

Duration: 45 mins

No.of.Presenters/Performers: 01/04


On-site, digital


Total cost of program: S$1750

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