(New) Creative Drama and Movement for Wellbeing (Programme ID: AEP0120609)

Tapping on the creative and expressive aspects of the body, our programme supports emotional transformation through the use of familiar narratives as a springboard into creative movement and drama work, our CDMW programme aims to provide participants with tools to improve quality of life – including aspects of self-expression, confidence, and communication focused on life skills building and the social value of the arts. Through this programme students will explore, identify, relate and articulate a range of emotions with words and music guiding their thought processes and physical responses. In the process of discovery, students will gain valuable tools to manage their emotions and thoughts under stressful circumstances, find an avenue for self-expression, understand the value of self-reflection, to use elements of dance and drama for self-analysis and expression. *Creative Drama and Movement for Wellbeing is part of our “Being Well” series. “Being Well’ is our new series of programmes that use creative approaches to acknowledge and address the complex emotional needs of teenagers. Using movement arts as our basis, our range of programmes create spaces that allow students to explore and express their thoughts, emotions and feelings on matters related to the mental well-being of themselves and others.


  1. To create competencies needed to navigate the world as confident persons and responsible citizens.
  2. Improve critical and inventive thinking to enable students to seize new opportunities.
  3. Improve socio-emotional skills that are essential for fostering personal well-being and developing positive relationships with others.


Primary Art Form: Dance

Sub Genre: Contemporary, Creative Movement

Secondary Art Form: Theatre

Language: English

Student Profile: Secondary Lower, Secondary Upper, JC/CI, ITE

Recommended Class Size: Min 20 Max 30

Duration: 1 session (90 minutes)

Programme Type: Workshops

Programme Format: On-site

No of instructors/performers: 2

Cost: $1000 Per session

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