Bollywood Jingles (Programme ID: AEP0120617)

The term “Bollywood Dance” derives its name from the famous and beautiful dance and song scenes from the Bollywood of movies, which thus created a new dance style. Whereas in older films almost exclusively featured classical dance and song sequences, the new Bollywood styles features elements of Classical Indian Dance mixed with jazz Dance, decaying Dance, Oriental Dance, Hip Hop etc. Drawing inspiration which drawn from all more over the world, thus pieces with Flamenco parts and Latin American or Hip Hop of influences from the USA emerged


Children will use their bodies to make movements to demonstrate their understanding of 4 different daily working gestures (Fix the light bulb, wipe the window, sweep the floor, shake the dust away)

2.3 Children will move in varied levels doing the movements

2.4 Children will learn to use fabric materials to dance with the movements

2.5 Children will move to bollywood music together with trainer first and separately as a team without trainer

2.6 Children will communicate beyond spoken words with their bodies their enjoyment supported by music

2.7 Children will be actively engaged in moving their bodies to music using the daily activity gestural language to high energy bollywood music


Venue: Empty classroom

Target Audience: Pre – School

Language: English

No. of instructors: 1

Duration: 4 Session(s)

45 mins per Session

Class Size: 15 (min) 20 (max)


DVD player / PA system / AVA System



Total cost of programme: $700.00

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