Beats and Grooves – A DANCE and Percussion Music PROGRAMME (Programme ID: AEP0320550)


Beats and Grooves, a 40-minute arts programme offers a stimulating entry to understand the rhythm created by the different ethnic instruments that are from India, Africa and Latin America. Through this programme, we can identify the different drum sounds, understand their make and shapes as well as the association of the beats to Dance Moves. As the percussionist/s play the drums, dancers will interpret those beats and move their bodies accordingly. The segment will also give avenue for the students to recognize the different Ethnic and modern dance forms such as, Bharathantyam, hip hop, jazz, and Indian folk dance originating from South and North India. In the same segment, inter-cultural elements will be explored whereby, the drummer will play the Dhol instrument that originates from Punjab and the dancer will be negotiating the beats with Hip Hop grooves. Students and teachers alike will be invited to groove along with the beats through demonstrations by dancers. They will also be learning how to clap the beats accordingly as the percussionist guides them through the session. Beats and Grooves gives an opportunity for a dancer’s body and drum beats to connect and create high-energy synergy and at the same time offer an audience an immersive journey.


1. Students will be introduced to the different beats and rhythms of ethnic instruments

2. Students will experience the connection of specific movements/dance with the live and pulsating beats

3. Students will be exposed to the elements of percussions and dance

4. To create a sense of appreciation for ethnic drums from India, Africa and Brazil


Target Audience: Pri – Lower / Pri – Upper / Sec – Lower / Sec – Upper

Language: English

Duration: 40 mins

No.of. Presenters : 1/4

– COST –

Total cost of program:  S$1700

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