(NEW) Mighty Mousedeer of the forest (Programme ID: AEP0120614)

Mighty Mousedeer of the Forest, the performance is narrated through a blend of dance, theatre and storytelling, brings the classic folktales to life as dancers engage one another in an enchanting display of movement and storytelling, accompanied by a lively musical score. Mouse Deer of the Forest also features an element of education and empowerment, with special needs dancers from DADC embarking on digital demonstration sessions to showcase their character movement. Thereafter the performance, we can follow up with a mass workshop on the animal characters on the performance eg. How to dance like the peacock etc.

Primary Art Form Dance

Contemporary, Creative Movement

Language English

Student Profile Primary Lower, Primary Middle, SPED

Recommended Class Size 30 – 35

Duration 2 session(s) 2 hour(s) and 30 minute(s)

Programme Type Workshops

Programme Format On-site

Primary Art Form – Sub-Genre Dance – Contemporary, Creative Movement

No. of Instructors/performers 2

Language English

Cost 750.00 Per session

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