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Arts Education Programme Flyer 2013-2014
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Synergize Multi-ethnic Fusion Dance Xperience

See how these dance forms come together to create a unique style of dance infusing modern moves. This ethnic-fusion contemporary presentation symbolizes Singapore as a multi-ethnic society that is moving beyond!

The workshop will impart skills and knowledge of various ethnic dance moves ranging from                    Malay: Joget/ Zapin; Indian: Bharatha Natyam/ Indian folk dance moves; Chinese: Martial Arts dance/ Classical Chinese dance forms and introduce the modern dance genres. Participants will also experience the creation of a multi-ethnic fusion modern dance through experiential learning. The program will be hands-on focused and thus provide participants a better understanding of the varied dance moves within fusion and contemporary dance perspectives. 

Learning Objectives:

1.    Impart knowledge and skills in the various ethnic and fusion dance styles and prepare the
participants for a mini-dance performance to be showcased at a later stage.

2.    Create a holistic aesthetics programme for students and create or support performance opportunities for their students through special performances and school performances.

Technical Requirements:

1.   Class without furniture or preferably a dance studio

2.   CD player


Sessions: 20      Duration: 120 mins       No. of participants: 25        Cost: $ 120.00 / hour

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