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Arts Education Programme Flyer 2013-2014
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Moving Forward with Traditions features the different cultures of Singapore through the introduction of the various ethnic dance forms prevalent. The session will begins with a 15 mins info-ad multi-media session that will take one on a journey to understand the different cultural beliefs, costumes, faces and art forms of Singaporeans today! There will be a short narrative text about our forefathers in association with Singapore’s story through a dance theatre performance. This will feature different ethnic groups of Singapore through their traditional dance forms and how they work together featured as a multi-cultural dance.

Learning Objectives:

1. Learn and appreciate the cultural mix of Singapore through an experiential journey.

2. To know more about our neighbours, arts forms, music and dance forms of Singapore.

3. Understanding the importance of ethnic dance forms of Singapore.

Art Form: Dance Excursion

Apsara Asia Studio (Little India area)


Sessions: 1       Duration: 60 mins       No. of participants: 40           Cost: $ 25.00/student

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