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When : 17-11-2010 - 17-11-2010
Time : Set 1: 7.30pm-8.15pm; Set 2: 8.45pm-9.30pm; Set 3: 10.00pm-10.45pm
Where : Esplanade Outdoor Theatre

doc2_300Renowned Vedic metal band, RUDRA, will present a unique collaboration with local dance company, MAYA DANCE THEATRE, as part of the KALAA UTSAVAM (Indian Festival of Arts) Festival organized by The Esplanade.

RUDRA, widely known as the founders of a metal genre called ‘Vedic Metal’, has won critical acclaim worldwide for their style of music, will present a unique collaboration of death metal and dance/ movement with Maya Dance Theatre, a Singaporean dance theatre company which specializes in creating new Asian Aesthetic dance works, as part of the KALAA UTSAVAM Festival 2010 in November 2010.

This unique collaboration will showcase the growls and speed of Death Metal music through the flow and artistry of dance in this one of a kind musical dance extravaganza.

“A first of its kind in Asia actually, where death metal will collaborates with dance to create a new work of art. This collaboration does not mark the end of the arts or metal; but a new beginning for both the forms...” stdoc_3_479ates Imran Manaff, General Manager of Maya Dance Theatre.

“We are really excited about this collaboration. This is a first for Rudra and it will truly be faithful to the music that we have been creating over the years. Nothing beats the accompaniment of a visual dance performance to articulate the soul of Rudra!” adds Kathir, vocalist/ bassist and founding member of RUDRA.

The collaboration between RUDRA and MAYA DANCE THEATRE will be presented at the KALAA UTSAVAM 2010 Festival.

Details of the performance are listed below:

Date: 17 November 2010 (Wednesday)
Venue: Esplanade Outdoor Theatre
Time- Set 1: 7.30pm-8.15pm; Set 2: 8.45pm-9.30pm; Set 3: 10.00pm-10.45pm

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