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Beyond Bollywood-The Rhythms of Dance
Time : 10:00am; 02:00pm
Where : Esplanade Recital Studio

We are back!

Yes Apsara Asia is back with our popular programme, Beyond Bollywood – The Rhythms of Dance, as part of FEED YOUR IMAGINATION 2013 series organized by The Esplanade and National Arts Council

BEYOND BOLLYWOOD-The rhythms of Dance explores the key elements of ethnic Indian art forms: music and dance; specifically rhythms and Mudras – hand gestures and body movements, of Indian dance. The performance will show audiences how rhythms and movements are interlinked and how beats – the basic unit of time in music, form the basis of dance. They will also demonstrate the various Mudras and explain what each Mudra means and symbolises. The audience will also be encouraged to attempt the different hand gestures and leg movements with guidance from the dancers.

In addition, the performance will explain how Indian contemporary dance is an amalgamation of traditional and contemporary dance.

BEYOND BOLLYWOOD-The rhythms of Dance is presented by Maya Dance Theatre and facilitated by the choreographer and director, Kavitha Krishnan.

Beyond Bollywood – The Rhythms of Dance will help pupils to learn more about the different elements of traditional Indian dance and its influence on the Bollywood dance style.

The performance will assist students to:

1. Develop an awareness of and appreciation of Indian music and dance
2. Respect cultural diversity
3. Embrace harmony by cultivating a better understanding of other cultures

Beyond Bollywood – The Rhythms of Dance
28-30 May 2013
Esplanade Recital Studio
10am & 2pm
Tickets: SGD 20.00*

* BEYOND BOLLYWOOD-The rhythms of dance is endorsed by NAC-AEP and schools can utilize the 50% TOTE Board grant to purchase tickets.

(TOTE Board Art Grant Subsidy up to 70% for SPED schools.)

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